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     Vision Comtech is forged by vision, shaped by imagination, nurtured by action and established by achievements     









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Company Profile

We are different

There are many IT vendors that help companies implement computer system technologies. You will find the difference in the result with VISION COMTECH. 

In todays fast-paced environment, companies need powerful and cost effective easy-to-use tools to achieve and maintain competitive advantage. As a result businesses are seeking additional technical assistance with the planning and implementation of new systems and technologies. At VISION COMTECH we value ourselves not only in the depth and breath of our information technology skills but our ability to integrate these skills in the delivery of comprehensive business solutions.

We believe in 

     Complete customer satisfaction



     Open Communication

     Hands on management

     Commitment to excellence

     Learning and unlearning

     Unparalleled Customer Support

     Breaking rules. Changing rules ..  making rules


We are  



     Lateral thinkers







Our dreams .. 

We believe customer loyalty is a one way street and that is our commitment to them. Our customers will be loyal to us when we provide value. We can fulfill this commitment by having a vision.

We are a knowledge provider architect of ideas, concepts and road maps. Our view is that the computer will be the center of our activities whether at work, home, entertainment or travel. The microchip is hailed as the invention since the wheel. The power of the microchip has had an immense impact. Artificial intelligence, parallel processing and robotics are present in industrial and business applications. The future is compelling. The reality is incredulous. 

In knowledge based economy we inspire to be intelliware agents creating ideas and integrating computer with management systems that make your business competitive. We want to inspire learning as a way of life and inculcate that culture by implementing knowledge based systems. We wish to be entrepreneurial and that is each individual in the company focused on being close to the customer. We wish to be a company that can compete on imagination and that is what makes the difference. 

The VISION COMTECH advantage! Make it work for you

Our Technology Partners PCS, Epson , HP, Compaq, IBM,  Microsoft, HITA UPS, UMAX, Samsung, Acer, AT&T, etc

Customer Support Group Warranty and Post Sales Support, Maintenance Contracts, Out sourcing

Message from the founders  

We have started with a passion for PCs and a keen sense of mission to bring microcomputer technology to companies and home. From our early days we have always believed in providing our customer with expertise, valuable service and unparalleled customer support. 

The approaching millennium brings tremendous opportunities and challenges. Globalization, rapid changes in technology, paradigm shifts in lifestyles and values.

Since inception our growth rate has been staggering, growing at the rate of 100% compounded per annum. This has been due to our valued customers  who have given us much repeat business and our new customer who have selected us as their IT partners. To both, we say thank you. We look forward to working with you in the future. 

We also wish to say a special thanks to our team at VISION COMTECH. We can make the future and live the dreams for what we want to be. Lets make it a memorable journey, which we can share with our customers. Our success depends on the success of our customers business. 


Why buy from Calcutta ? 

Calcutta is an entry point with traditional trade links with other Metros in India, as well as near South-East Asia.  Calcutta is the HUB for the following States Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Mizoram and  

Who are our customers ? 

Our main customers are re-sellers of IT products and service providers, consultants, trade houses and end-users. 

Our business objectives 

To establish strong re-seller networks, to provide quality products, services and availability to end-users through our channel and provide total system integration at a competitive price. 


     Full range of computers from PCS, Zenith Computers Ltd, Packard Bell, IBM, COMPAQ

     Epson DMP, Stylus printers

     HP DeskJet, Laser, Plotter, Scanners

     Third party products Multimedia, Networking, Modems, Computers parts and peripherals 

Service / Customer Support 

All products are sold with standard warranty terms (as per manufacture) and return to base or parts replacement warranty in case of re-seller. 

Trade Opportunities 

We invite retailers and large end-users to contact us for their requirements. 

We are constantly seeking new suppliers and products and are keen to hear from manufacturers, brokers and dealers who have excess inventory and special deals to offer

Vision Comtech, 147E Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata-700 026, West Bengal, India .
Fax No.: +91 (033) 24630451    Ph.: +91 (033) 24630450/51
Help Line : 919830024443